Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer update.

Lake Hamilton, AR

me and Luna headed to the lake!

traveling cats!

all the girls for Sarah's bachelorette party! (Sarah's in pink)

me! (I got this cute vintage style one piece and it's Awesome!)

me and Luna.  I love this cat!

me and Veda.  I love her too!

my Moony!

at the lake!

and this is always on my mind! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

wasted away again.... the freaking FRENCH POLYNESIA!  yep!  that's right!  Adrian and I are going to Moorea Island in The French Polynesia on September 2nd!  we will celebrate 2 years of happily cohabitating on September 3rd, so we wanted to go on a special vacation.  i'm pretty sure Moorea falls under "special vacation" if we're making lists here. i feel sooooo lucky to be able to do something like this!  as i type this, it still hasn't sunk in completely that i'll be in this magical paradise in like less than 70 days. srsly?!  me?!?!  i literally just got my passport a month ago.  i don't like when people say 'literally' like that.  we were watching IRT Deadliest Roads last night and one of the drivers kept saying it unnecessarily.  "We are Literally inches away from the edge!", "This road is Literally too small to drive a truck on!", "This truck is Literally made of just ply-wood!" haha....anyways....
OK, so back to Moorea. 
want to see where we are going to stay??  okay okay!
we are LITERALLY staying Here
it's got its own private beach.  that's a real life sentence.  i'm not making that up.  it's got its own private beach. that means it's ours for the week.  a beach.  woohoo! 

veda moonbeam

hi!  this is me and my cat, veda.  she's a tiny.